The European workshop on Biophotonics and Optical Angular Momentum (BIOAM­2018) will bring together scientists working in a wide range of scientific fields related to optical angular momentum (spin and orbital), including fundamental aspects, polarimetric instrumentation and applications in biomedical photonics and super-­resolution microscopy. We aim to provide a forum for researchers from both academia and industry to exchange expertise, to identify new directions and perspectives in the field of OAM studies and to build an international research network for addressing the upcoming challenges, with special emphasis on biomedical applications of OAM.


Topics of scientific program


  • Higher order Poincare sphere, generalized Mueller matrix formalism

  • Interaction of spin and orbital angular momentum of light

  • Topological states and scattering

  • Chirality and Optical Angular Momentum

  • Propagation of vector light beams in complex media



  • Generation and analysis of vector light beams

  • Polarimetric instrumentation

  • Super-resolution imaging

  • Biomedical photonics



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